Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Introducing Linhael

I talk about this one a lot, but I don't think he's featured on the blog so far. He's my second main, an RK, currently sitting pretty at 67. I'm really loving Mirkwood this time through. It suits Linhael too :)

In an AU I picture him on a motorbike :D

Bringing light to the gloom of the Mirkwood

Even in battle, he manages a mean Blue Steel

Cosmetic Weapons! Whargarbl!

Linhael has been thoroughly enjoying questing around Mirkwood lately, picking up lots of quests that his sister left undone, so he could come and get them later.

A couple of days ago he picked up a quest with a super shiny, pretty sword for a reward. Absolutely perfect timing with the Cosmetic Weapons system coming in the same day! While Linhael is a Rune-Keeper and has very limited (or no? Haven't checked yet) cosmetic weapon options, Araewenel has been longing to get her hands on a sword like this. Here she is sporting it with glee in Dol Amroth.