Thursday, 24 March 2016

I Have An Idea!

[Seriously there are NO Chitty Chitty Bang Bang gifs related to that title.]

I've been reluctant to take Araewenel back to the Shire to do the Bingo quests even though it became painfully clear months ago that I would have to when the quests started outleveling my little 26 Burglar who I was hoping to be able to take with Bingo all the way through. Arae is in the thick of it in Minas Tirith by now and it would feel wrong to leave and just pop back to the Shire, or Rivendell, or wherever, just to help a Hobbit out on his travels. But I've had an idea for how it would work RP-wise! She's going to be dreaming, going all the way back to the start of her adventures, looking for Candaith. And I guess her subconscious has invented Bingo as light relief because MAN is she sad a lot.

Friday, 18 March 2016

I Chirith Silivren

Linhael recently acquired the Hat of the Concerned Elf in Thinglad. I liked it for my female Elf Mini Celebnel, so set about creating an outfit around it for her. I started out with it in its original green colour and paired it with this robe, which...I don't know, it's okay but I didn't think the shapes of the patterns on each item matched each other very well. There's a super pretty, kind of spiky leaf motif on the hat and the robe is more angular and runic. 

But it all clicked when I dyed it white. I love the combination of the silvery white with the light light gold. So then I set out to find a chest piece that would do it justice, colour-wise as well as design-wise. At the Skirmish Camp in Rivendell I found the Lore-keeper's Robe. Perfect! I thought about adding other components to the outfit, but as outfitters have said elsewhere, shoulders would cover the lovely back of the hat. That means a cloak is out too. I think the slightly cropped sleeves make for an elegant wrist look (?), so I left the hands glove-free too. I may look around for some shoes but I'm not certain anything will look great. I like the very Tolkienesque picture of beautiful Elf women dancing barefoot in the woods too much right now so I'll leave her feet be as well. (Except that she has just reached the Misty Mountain part of the Epic so perhaps I'll cave and give her something for her cold toes, or just spend the time there wincing on her behalf)

I love this screenshot because it reminds me of an illustration from one of my favourite story books when I was a child. I'll track it down next time I'm home and try and post a picture. (Picture added below!) There was a demure looking, white-clad princess who the prince set out to find and rescue (I know, I know) whose outfit I just adored.

My favourite shield I think - it could do with a little less rich gold for this outfit, but Celebnel has it hidden most of the time (but where??) so it just about works.

Legolas approves!

Edited to add: Here we are - I'm visiting my parents and have found the book. Here's the dress: 

So, not too similar in the shoulder area but the head covering and the line of the hips..maybe. Also this pose. I'm still buying it.

Friday, 11 March 2016

An Unprecedented Second Post of the Day

(Probably Definitely some spoilers ahead)

Araewenel went full steam ahead with the Minas Tirith epic tonight. I knew that people had said that it was awesome, and I did see one spoilerific thread in the official forums (well, I saw the title) - so I had an inkling of what was coming. But not the full extent of it. It would be very difficult to foresee all of that of course. I completed my two new epic battles, without dying or failing any of the side quests which frankly feels like a great achievement for me, and then, of course, Grond arrived. 

You know when you become aware of what your face must look like, where a moment previously you were oblivious? I had a few of those this evening. I must have looked comically horrified for a good chunk of tonight.

People who have been through it will know what it feels like, and those who haven't have such a treat coming their way that I don't want to spoil anything at all. Besides, I'm probably kidding myself if I think I can write about it coherently tonight! I'll just leave it at this: when it was over, I put my hands over my face and sobbed and sobbed. That was a magnificent piece of work, LotRO (Made of Lions, I believe <3). That's how it should feel.

Araewenel and Linhael Go Adventuring

But not together :( 

Arae lately has been helping Gandalf search the archives of Minas Tirith for any mention of the old king Earnur. I'd put my Minas Tirith questing on hold, kind of subconsciously, because of the lag issues in and around the city. Also, it's dark and apparently the look of a place can have quite a strong influence on how much I enjoy questing in the area. But the last few days she's been back and enjoying it a lot actually. It was nice to see lots of people around in Harlond doing the repeatables, so I didn't have to kill many trolls by myself. 


At home amongst the bookshelves.

And the quests for Gandalf are over for now! Onwards to the food stores.

Speaking of how I enjoy questing in the more beautiful lands, Linhael just reached Thinglad after months of desperate struggle with bag space in Dunland. I love love love this place. The mist by the water, the gold and silver trees and the swathes of flowers as you enter Eorlsmead for the first time. I almost find it more beautiful than Lorien itself. 

He also found himself at the Cuthstan at foredawn yesterday, so waited around for sunrise.

(The bag space battle will continue for a good few more levels. Great River and Wildermore incoming.)