Monday, 3 November 2014

Horrorfest 2014

The crowds gathered in force this past weekend for the crazy fun that was Landroval's Horrorfest event. Elimraen and Faina spent an enthusiastic week trying to find perfect outfits, cancelling all other events in the diaries, stocking up on pie/beer/wool (I was supposed to be knitting at the same time as dancing) and made their way to the Da Bugans homestead of doom in time to catch the first band on Friday night. 

Here follow just a small selection of the screenshots Elim took. She thinks she has a promising future as a photojournalist. Judging by the dreadful feelings of withdrawal I was going through yesterday*, I'd say she's going to be spending enough time at future events to make that dream a reality. 

*Araewenel ran around Enedwaith for about ten minutes last night, finishing off some random Algraig reputation quests. The music craving got the better of her after that and she ported to Bree, desperately ran around looking for musicians, couldn't find any, so ran to the Pony to buy a harp from the Bard so that she could play something herself. There, thankfully, she found a minstrel playing in front of the fire and had a jig. Crisis averted. 



New party outfits

Flock of Smeagols, making us feel all kinds of uncomfortable

We had a right little sync-dance troupe going

The Starlight Orchestra <3

Vethlo's 'and now I must return to my home planet' pose

A Rock and a Hard Place, plus fireworks!


And my favourite band of the event, Old Winyards. They played the Farmer Maggot Pibgorn-off song and Elim went weak at the knees


  1. i really like to found it and read! Thx a lot ;)

    Zed'n'Rock from Bara

    1. Oh thanks Zed! I didn't even know people had found this blog so it's super fun to find a comment on here :D I'm keeping it as a kind of lotro diary/photo album, so the content no doubt seems random.

      I'm glad you found it too! See you on Landy soon!