Sunday, 15 May 2016

Spring Racing Carnival 2016

Yesterday was a bittersweet day in LotRO history - the last ever Windy Acres Ranch event, 2016's Spring Racing Carnival. I loved the SRC last year - the way it felt like a RL festival with lots of things going on at the same time to watch or take part in. This year's was no different - Kiralynn pulled off another great event, and it was a fine one to go out on (though we are all not-very-secretly hoping she can return to us at some point). 

Off on the pace lap for the first qualifier race

The racers!

The end of the Rivendell Cup

Mia in full control of Little to No Drama (woohoo for Backstreet's Back!!)

The racers/qualifiers from the Bounder's Cup all pointedly ignoring each other :p

Rodeo clown hobbits <3

She is DEFINITELY up to something

Barrel hobbits!

Notenzauber doing the entertaining while we wait for the parade

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