Friday, 18 July 2014

Middle-earth Yes; Regular Earth No

One day last month I was walking home from work. I was walking home in real life, in real life England, because that is where I am sometimes. Over the noise of the traffic I heard the strains of some music or other and before I knew it the thought 'Oh, I wonder if a band is playing in one of the squares in Bree. I should go and watch!' had fully formed in my mind. I facepalmed and laughed and then tweeted about it, obviously. 

Cue Lady Ziribella (new Twitter friend and imagination-sparker) talking about how it might not have been taken too well if I'd stopped by to have a dance. It made me think about some of the stuff that we take for granted in the game that is just not ok out there in the real world. So here's one of those 'This internet thing in real life' lists with a LotRO theme. 

Middle-earth yes; regular Earth no:

  • Jumping over passers-by on your horse (thanks @ladyziribella)
  • Bowing to a stranger because you agree with something you overheard them saying.
  • Sending strangers (or sometimes anyone) jewellery, wood, oil that is on fire, etc in the post. Sending weapons in the post is illegal as it turns out. 
  • Getting into people's wardrobes and trying on all their clothes.
  • Laughing while talking about your friends dying, killing people, genocide.
  • Gaining access to other people’s houses to have a look at their stuff and decorating choices without them knowing. 
  • Not showering for 2 years, 4 years, 6 years. Anything beyond 2 days is pushing it, frankly. Running through rivers doesn’t count. Going for a swim might count depending on water quality.
  • Synchronised dancing at parties or festivals. Looks amazing online (one of my very favourite things to do ingame actually!). But. If you attempt this in real life you may only succeed in giving off a Macarena/Whigfield vibe. Avoid.

I may continue adding to this as the ideas come but it's been long enough in the back of my mind that I just wanted to get it the heck posted. 

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