Monday, 29 September 2014

Lotro(geek)'s 30 Day Picture Challenge: Picture 1

One year and four months ago, the Lotrogeek tumblr owner issued a picture challenge to her followers. Ever on the ball, a couple of months ago I actually came across it. I don't like to back down from a challenge unless it suits me or I can't be bothered, so I have decided to take this up, but on my own terms, otherwise it might become not fun. Nothing to do with Lotro should ever feel like a chore!

Here's the original post by Lotrogeek. I'm going to be all P about it (Myers-Briggs reference woo) and have no structure to the order I do it in, or the time it takes me. So, without further ado, here is number 30 on the list: 

The Faithful Follower - Show us that soldier, animal, herald, anyone that follows you faithfully through the game and makes you feel safe.

I have a lil' Hobbit Cook who splits most of her time between Michel Delving and Hobbiton, occasionally going so far as Bree for a festival. She's followed around constantly by her spotted shrew, Bee. The Hobbit herself is an introvert and doesn't take kindly to people even knowing her name. She's not in a kin. She hardly ever comes out of her shell to talk to people. But one time she did bow to Pineleaf when she ran across her farming in MD. I can happily report that she bowed back. 

Anyway! Voila, the Hobbit and Bee. 

(Sorry, Bee. I still think you're beautiful)

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