Friday, 17 October 2014

Araewenel Elvanui, My First Level Capped Toon!

This happened last night! 

Dear Arae, who has been my main since about September 2012, reached level 100. I'd been putting it off and putting it off, feeling a certain unwillingness to 'have nothing left to do', which is a total joke, by the way. She has so much left to do. 
She'd been fighting her way round Gondor for the past couple of weeks, mostly with the XP Disabler equipped. Finally, last night, she got to level 99-with-about-100,000-xp-left-to-gain-before-hitting-100. [Gondor spoilers ahead] 

She got to the tent where Jajax was being held by Abedec. She checked her xp. I swung the camera around to look at her face and hit complete.

Hoorah!! There is something weird and wonderful about reaching level cap for the first time! Arae has been through a lot - unguided by me (or that's how it feels), she became attached to a certain NPC who did not make it as far as Gondor. More on that in future '30 Photos' posts. Now I think of her as damaged, with not a lot of laughter left in her. So this was a special moment. We've come a long way.

After rescuing Jajax and bidding him farewell, with a few whispered words to him about a kinnie who misses him, she made her way back to Dol Amroth. Having changed her outfit, obvs. Here she is on the road with newly-named Rovail (wings), who is wearing her nice new saddlebags. 

Arae likes Harpers' Court best of all in Dol Amroth. She went there to contemplate her journey so far and what is left ahead of her, if she can find the hope to keep on fighting. 

[Spoiler! She can :D]

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