Thursday, 24 March 2016

I Have An Idea!

[Seriously there are NO Chitty Chitty Bang Bang gifs related to that title.]

I've been reluctant to take Araewenel back to the Shire to do the Bingo quests even though it became painfully clear months ago that I would have to when the quests started outleveling my little 26 Burglar who I was hoping to be able to take with Bingo all the way through. Arae is in the thick of it in Minas Tirith by now and it would feel wrong to leave and just pop back to the Shire, or Rivendell, or wherever, just to help a Hobbit out on his travels. But I've had an idea for how it would work RP-wise! She's going to be dreaming, going all the way back to the start of her adventures, looking for Candaith. And I guess her subconscious has invented Bingo as light relief because MAN is she sad a lot.

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