Friday, 11 March 2016

Araewenel and Linhael Go Adventuring

But not together :( 

Arae lately has been helping Gandalf search the archives of Minas Tirith for any mention of the old king Earnur. I'd put my Minas Tirith questing on hold, kind of subconsciously, because of the lag issues in and around the city. Also, it's dark and apparently the look of a place can have quite a strong influence on how much I enjoy questing in the area. But the last few days she's been back and enjoying it a lot actually. It was nice to see lots of people around in Harlond doing the repeatables, so I didn't have to kill many trolls by myself. 


At home amongst the bookshelves.

And the quests for Gandalf are over for now! Onwards to the food stores.

Speaking of how I enjoy questing in the more beautiful lands, Linhael just reached Thinglad after months of desperate struggle with bag space in Dunland. I love love love this place. The mist by the water, the gold and silver trees and the swathes of flowers as you enter Eorlsmead for the first time. I almost find it more beautiful than Lorien itself. 

He also found himself at the Cuthstan at foredawn yesterday, so waited around for sunrise.

(The bag space battle will continue for a good few more levels. Great River and Wildermore incoming.)

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