Friday, 18 March 2016

I Chirith Silivren

Linhael recently acquired the Hat of the Concerned Elf in Thinglad. I liked it for my female Elf Mini Celebnel, so set about creating an outfit around it for her. I started out with it in its original green colour and paired it with this robe, which...I don't know, it's okay but I didn't think the shapes of the patterns on each item matched each other very well. There's a super pretty, kind of spiky leaf motif on the hat and the robe is more angular and runic. 

But it all clicked when I dyed it white. I love the combination of the silvery white with the light light gold. So then I set out to find a chest piece that would do it justice, colour-wise as well as design-wise. At the Skirmish Camp in Rivendell I found the Lore-keeper's Robe. Perfect! I thought about adding other components to the outfit, but as outfitters have said elsewhere, shoulders would cover the lovely back of the hat. That means a cloak is out too. I think the slightly cropped sleeves make for an elegant wrist look (?), so I left the hands glove-free too. I may look around for some shoes but I'm not certain anything will look great. I like the very Tolkienesque picture of beautiful Elf women dancing barefoot in the woods too much right now so I'll leave her feet be as well. (Except that she has just reached the Misty Mountain part of the Epic so perhaps I'll cave and give her something for her cold toes, or just spend the time there wincing on her behalf)

I love this screenshot because it reminds me of an illustration from one of my favourite story books when I was a child. I'll track it down next time I'm home and try and post a picture. (Picture added below!) There was a demure looking, white-clad princess who the prince set out to find and rescue (I know, I know) whose outfit I just adored.

My favourite shield I think - it could do with a little less rich gold for this outfit, but Celebnel has it hidden most of the time (but where??) so it just about works.

Legolas approves!

Edited to add: Here we are - I'm visiting my parents and have found the book. Here's the dress: 

So, not too similar in the shoulder area but the head covering and the line of the hips..maybe. Also this pose. I'm still buying it.

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